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ZER0|1NE festival ⅯⅯⅩⅩⅠ: “BINA”

Welcome to 2022. We have left the desert of the real and are spiraling down the deep mycelium realms of the digital rainforests. The pandemic has pushed us deeper into virtual worlds; code is all around us and is seeping more and more into the fabric of our lives. New coded structures of being are created daily. The ability to relay information in immense quantities at ridiculous speeds operate as massive bridges. This immense collection of zeros and ones requires a new set of tools: machine learning, deep learning, neural networks and evolutionary algorithms — artificial intelligence or, as we choose to call it, “BINA”. 

What is intelligence? What are its boundaries and why is it artificial? After all, like Ouroboros, the snake that eats its tail, “artificial” intelligence exists in a reciprocal, dialectical relationship with its human creators. In this year’s ZER0|1NE, under the headline “BINA”, we will take a closer look at the development of human intelligence alongside that of the organisms around us and through this lens observe the developing computerized one. We seek to examine this complex relationship, and not necessarily from the anthropocentric paradigm of thought, and offer new observations and interpretations, drawing inspiration from ancient wisdoms and traditions alongside evolving contemporary concepts.

This year’s edition, “BINA”, will be hybrid, creating content for both the virtual and physical realms.

About ZER0|1NE

ZER0|1NE is a Digital Arts Festival that straddles the intersection between art, technology, myths and magic. We strive to develop a language that makes it possible to imagine and establish the foundations of the emerging digital world. We employ artistic expression to examine both ancient knowledge systems and evolving ones and devise alternative propositions to infuse myths and concepts to reformulate our current digital poetics. To this end, we put the spotlight on digital creativity, and examine the history of the future through the tools of art, experience and research.

The Festival was founded in 2019 as a collaboration between the Tower of David Museum in Jerusalem and the artistic directors Danielle Zini and Yair Moss. The festival featured A/V performances, media installations, lectures, conferences, workshops, and more with a variety of local and international artists.

Team + Credits

  • ○ Artistic directors, writing and concept
    Yair Moss + Danielle Zini
  • ○ Concept and design
    Amir Avraham
  • ○ Website design and development
    Bram van den Berg + Amir Avraham (Amsterdam)
  • ○ Producer
    Keren Ofer
  • ○ Hansen House artistic director
    Inbal Dekel Goldberg
  • ○ TOD AV Night
    Production: Excessive Productions + Production management: Pagit Bar-Zel + Technical supervision: Eyal Lally Bitton / Marco Milevski Tomasin
  • ○ Content editor marketing
    Gili Levy
  • ○ Digital marketing
  • ○ Content editor website
    Dafna Cohen
  • ○ AI model development
    Ben Noach
  • ○ Typeface
    Michal Sahar + Ori Ben Dor
  • ○ Broadcast
    Arik Futterman + Daniel Bassin
  • ○ Documentation
    Dor Kedmi + Gitai Silver + Tomer Zmora
  • ○ Technical supervisor
    Ohad Zrihen
  • ○ Technical team
    Idan Zarmon + Matan Gradshtein + Ofir Kelerman
  • ○ Founding fathers
    Carmi Wurtman + Ariel Snapiri
  • ○ Tower Of David Museum
    Museum director and chief curator: Eilat Lieber + Deputy director: Tamar Berliner + Marketing: Neta Heller + Finance and administration: Noam Namir + Public relations: Caroline Shapiro / Jonathan Wolf / Or Nir / JWPR + Operation: Elazar Stern + Reservations: Talya Elzam + Development and international relations: Rose Ginosar + Digital: Achinoam Aldouby + Hebrew editor: Merav Shani + He translator: Tsuf Sagi + En translator: Jessica Setbon / Lieah Jaffe
  • ○ Hansen House
    Hansen House manager: Smadar Tsook + Content and marketing manager: Karine Shabtai + Office manager: Marcelle Tehila Bitton + Technical manager: Itamar Mevorah
  • ○ Mazkeka
    Founder and manager: Mikael Berkowitsch + Technical manager: Aviv Stern