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BINA: what is at stake is our ability of imagining reflecting imagining ourselves in what we do That is our capacity of being able to imagine ourselves into the future of being able to take the future into account in our actions of being able to anticipate
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Screen Dive Live Discourse, Maya Felixbrodt + Luke Deane hosting Screen Dive’s artists ⚫ Live, Dec. 27, 19:00 (GMT+2)

Screen Dive Live Discourse

– Maya Felixbrodt + Luke Deane Hosting

You are welcome to join Screen Dive's special edition @ ZER0|1NE: a special sonic interactivity-jam, where screen dive artists invite you to engage and discuss their work live. Together we will play our way through each of ZER0|1NE’s selected works:
Boundary, Amy Brandon
Refract Me, Deflect You, Ruben Kotkamp
Chloroquine Popups, Andre Damiao
S++, Daniel Trystman and Amos Peled
Brief Gaze of the Infinite Maze, Umut Eldam

Maya Felixbrodt + Luke Deane Hosting

Crafted in partnership with Gaudeamus, Screen Dive is a growing platform dedicated to research interactivity. Exhibiting, sharing and celebrating digital sound-based installations from all around the globe, Screen Dive is Driven by its community. An ever evolving virtual playground where composers, hackers, game designers and aficionados encounter their kin.

Curated by Maya Felixbrodt and Luke Deane, Screen Dive’s online gallery offers and archives live performances, festivals, sponsorships, labs, workshops, interviews and gatherings. Made possible with the support of Simuleringsfonds Digitale Cultuur, Screen Dive will continue to reach new depths. To experience the interactive installations yourself and join our community of talents, please visit our website.