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From the Ground Up
Audio-Visual Night at the TOD

A collaboration between ZER0|1NE festival, Excessive Productions and Sadan Records. A night of audiovisual experiences within the tower of David Museum in two locations. At the historical Kishle space a site specific installation by Wackelkontakt, the infamous sensory triggering machine. Sadan Records will take over the Lab space, with a showcase of dark electronics, including performances, sound and visuals.

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22:00, live A/V performance, The Lab
– Tehomim + Anis7k + Philantropist + Ohad Peleg DJ set + Sadan Crew DJ set + Visuals by Karin Kimel and Tom Segev

Sadan Records is a Tel Aviv based label, founded to support artists focusing on the production of contemporary electronic music and visual worlds. The label began operating in 2020 by a group of musicians, producers, CG artists and graphic designers. The label’s activities range from gallery spaces to clubs, and the musical catalog is not limited to a particular aesthetic or style and encourages an unconventional approach to creation.

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22:00, live A/V installation

A light and sound installation and a time-based composition, which continues WACKELKONTAKT’s research of the power dynamics between artist–audience–space, and between each member of the audience and their own self. The work continues the tradition of Ganzfeld (from German: whole field) experiments in an excessive interpretation, which seeks to bring sensory information to its limits and at the same time hide it, to allow extrasensory information to take over the cognition.

Disclaimer: May provoke increased states of consciousness, not recommended for those with photosensitive sensitivity.

WACKELKONTAKT is a three-headed A/V project that currently spearheads the Jerusalem experimental scene. From R&B to hip hop to industrial to power electronics and back to local influences, WACKELKONTAKT have already made a global mark with the sensory overload of their live multimedia performances.

The event is produced by Excessive productions, a multi disciplinary collective providing tech-artistic solutions.