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BINA: even if we can learn to live with not having any additional control over our future it is still the case that the more we can do it the more we can feel like we are in control
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SADAN LAB, live A/V performance ⚫ live, Dec. 30, 22:00 (GMT+2)


– Tehomim + Anis7k + Philantropist + Ohad Peleg DJ set + Sadan Crew DJ set + Visuals by Karin Kimel & Tom Segev

● Tehomim
● Anis7k
● Philantropist
● Ohad Peleg DJ set
● Sadan Crew DJ set
● Visuals by Karin Kimel & Tom Segev

Karin Kimel is a visual artist and DJ, who creates a visual world full of tension, where colour and shape live on a fine line between the familiar and the estranged. She has presented her works in galleries in Israel and abroad.

Tehomim are Yoel and Amos Peled, a duo, that are telepathically connected since their time in the womb. During their concerts, they become a single entity, distorting time and space, while creating irreversible magic.
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Anis7k (Tom Segev) is a mega-millennial and a rising multi–disciplinary artist, that operates within and outside of digital reality. His solo audio visual project is a collage of the stretching and smearing of samples and sounds.

Philanthropist (Bar Zehavi) is a producer that has released in the past few years his music on – Sadan Records, World Canvas and Sifon. His performances are characterized with maximalism, complex rhythms and futuristic sound design.
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Sadan Records is a Tel Avivian label that was established to support artists that focus on production of contemporary electronic music and visual worlds. The label was founded at the beginning of 2020 by a group of musicians, producers, CG artists and graphic designers. The label’s events run the gamut from gallery spaces to clubs, and include the cooperation of CG artists, producers, and designers.

✕ The Event is produced by Excessive Production: a production house and multi–disciplinary collective providing tech-artistic solutions.