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BINA: The problem is that in lucid public critical democratic terms our contemporary media environment is not only smart but also narcissistic
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Unrendered Road

– Tali Liberman

Today we encounter the world through the prism of digital apps owned by tech giants. Seemingly neutral, their smooth interfaces mask specific subjectivities of knowledge. They create new topographies of action, enabling or disabling terms by which we engage with the places around us.

The video, Unrendered Road, traces the road between two ancient cities – Jerusalem and Jericho. A journey that Google Maps will not show you – an unrendered road. By assembling conflicting perceptual readings, the reliance on existing knowledge systems are questioned, including regulations and legislations, on geo-political power structures and sedimented historical inequities. The resultant “editing” of reality is made manifest through the interface by which we navigate a conflicted border zone.

Tali Liberman

Tali Liberman is a research-based designer based in Amsterdam. She received her BA in Visual Communication from Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem and her MFA from the Sandberg Instituut, Amsterdam. In her practice, Liberman questions socio-political narratives and structures. By dismantling the subjectivity portrayed in objectivising disciplines and tools, she unpacks forms of knowledge that shape one’s perception of so-called reality. Her first film Unrendered Road (2021), was premiered during IFFR 2021.

⚪ screenplay: Maayan Ashkenazi + Tali Liberman ⚪ director: Tali Liberman ⚪ cinematography: Tom Gan-Or ⚪ editing: Tal G + Tali Liberman ⚪ color grading: Mateo Vega ⚪ graphic design: Tal G + Tali Liberman ⚪ poster design: Nicolo Pellarin ⚪ music + sound design: Zgjim Elshani ⚪ sound engineering: ROOM6AUDIO ⚪ voice-over: Asia Kislev + Maayan Ashkenazi ⚪ additional music: The Practice of Surrender by Orphan Ann, När vi såg genom glas by Orphan Ann ⚪ distribution: LIMA