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BINA: the scientific knowledge which emerged out of the humanities and the sciences continues to inform us on the time time-space and time-space-space of our existence in the real
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Quantum Photography

– Omri Bigetz

In the scientific worldview, especially in modern times, in order to understand something, you need to break it into parts and forces before you can comprehend the sum of its parts.

As part of a years long journey of breaking apart and building anew in the field of digital photography, I developed a method where you can grasp the reality around us in a way that divides it into foundational blocks or pixels in a 3D space, in order to create material uniformity which represents the unity between all the facets of life and the objects which create our reality. How much of the nature of objects is limited by their shape? Do autonomous machines have the ability to see the beauty in things?

Omri Bigetz

Omri Biegetz (IL, 1988) is a multimedia artist and an audio-visual generalist, working and living in Amsterdam, NL. Following several years of work as a journalistic photographer in Israel, Omri moved to the Netherlands and completed his BFA at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, VAV department (2015). Omri’s work navigates subtle subversions of reality through his investigations of technological possibilities. Through animation, physical and digital 3D – mapping, design and printing; as well as robotics and computation, Bigetz’s work tells stories of possibilities beyond common perception.