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BINA: The mind may be considered to be a mapping of the outside world and even its own internal workings It is a map but not one that is objectively real
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Latenscape, Franz Rosati (the A/V live performance is no longer available)


– Franz Rosati

Latentscape depicts the exploration of virtual landscapes and territories, supported by music generated by machine learning tools trained on traditional, folk and pop music with no temporal and cultural limitations. The depicted immaterial dimension observes itself and begins the exploration of boundless territories, where streams of pixels take the form of cracks, erosions, mountains where colors and textures are the virtual representation of memories and emotions that the territory expresses and carries with it through its shape.

All elevation maps of landscapes are generated by different Machine Learning processes, known as GANs, trained with personal datasets composed of publicly available satellite imagery, mixed and weighted with datasets of different types, to mislead the training phase and lead to unexpected results. All sounds are produced by Machine Learning tools trained on custom datasets composed by baroque and renaissance music, mixed with field recordings and both popular and traditional music from all over the world, carefully mixing mainly string instruments such as persian santoor, theorbo or harpsichord and gu-zheng, and voices coming from middle-east as well as western repertoire. While the concepts of map and border appear as mere theoretical and functional superstructure, the landscapes and territories with their nuances, inlets, breaks, colors and topological diversity along with sounds and music echoing ancient timbral landmarks, depict the meeting of human data in the border points, marking the landmarks of meeting and fusion of thoughts, memories and experiences.

Franz Rosati

Franz Rosati is a musician, digital artist and lecturer. He uses digital technologies and custom software as the basis for his artistic production which is designed to embody different emanations from audiovisual concerts, screen based installations, software art and printed artworks.

For several years Franz Rosati has been exploring a broad-spectrum of aesthetic outputs ranging from procedural and generative wireframe minimalism and real time 3D renderings, from the creation of autonomous virtual creatures such as Machine and Structure or Pathline, to the exploration of dystopian immanent landscapes.