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BINA: Prophetic language is not the result of a dialog of the mind with a divine source It is the result of the intervention of a human mind in the presence of a divine source
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Artist in the Cloud: Towards an Autonomous Artist, Gene Kogan, talk ⚫ live, Dec. 29, 20:00 (GMT+2)

Artist in the Cloud: Towards an Autonomous Artist

– Gene Kogan

Gene will present his work and his latest project, Abraham AI. This is an open-code, community project for constructing an “autonomous artificial artist” – a kind of agent that creates unique, original art in an autonomous manner. The community model that Gene has created connects in parallel the worlds of artificial and collective intelligence with models of decentralized economy – blockchain technology, NFT, and decentralized, autonomous organizations, thus creating a fascinating ecosystem in which collective consciousness can create shared art based on a sustainable economic model.

Gene Kogan

Gene Kogan is a visionary, artist, and programmer, who works with generative art, collective intelligence, and autonomous systems. For over a decade, he has worked to integrate the worlds of computer science and art, lecturing worldwide and holding online workshops and courses that are open to the public. Through these, he has connected countless artists and creators to the world of artificial intelligence.