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New AI imaginaries
Hybrid Session №2

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    ⚫ We invite you to explore site-specific installations by Orphan Drift, Entangled Studios, Love Studio, Jordan Colsey + Deborah Fischer + Ofer kantor, Erez Ezra + Avi Cohen + Boris Levin, Rachella Alcalay, Memo Akten, Matty Mariansky, Ben Drusinsky, Alon Tayar, Mark IJzerman + Sébastien Robert, and a film program by: Tali Liberman + Yoel Peled + Daria Kiseleva + Barak David Mizrahi + Nir Shitrit.

Artificial intelligence is undoubtedly one of the most significant technological developments of our time. It determines the knowledge that flows to us, work methods, and systems of governance, as well as our daily lives. Like electricity that flows through the machines that surround us, AI has become a hidden engine that underlies many of the acts we carry out on a daily basis. In this encounter, we will attempt to examine the faith that the future of humanity is intertwined with AI as an act of re-mythologization: an intentional act of interpretation that offers a retelling of powerful stories that have the tendency to disappear or to be silenced in the dominant technological discourse. This is also an opportunity to question the conception that the future is merely a projection of the present and accepted reality.

In this encounter, we will undermine the reductive narrative of AI, which describes a uniform, Western-style intelligence that uses the logic of accumulation of power or capital. We will use its abilities, which are based on a hyperdimensional understanding of the world that enables multiple viewpoints to exist simultaneously, to combine and intermingle. We view the search for a new narrative in which AI is structured as a spiritual and ethical project as a type of soft resistance, as a conscious interference aiming to interrupt our current patterns of technological development, which are not beneficial to humanity.

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20:00, talk (English)
Artist in the Cloud: Towards an Autonomous Artist
– Gene Kogan (US)

Gene will present his work and his latest project, Abraham AI. This is an open-code, community project for constructing an “autonomous artificial artist” – a kind of agent that creates unique, original art in an autonomous manner. The community model that Gene has created connects in parallel the worlds of artificial and collective intelligence with models of decentralized economy – blockchain technology, NFT, and decentralized, autonomous organizations, thus creating a fascinating ecosystem in which collective consciousness can create shared art based on a sustainable economic model.

Gene Kogan is a visionary, artist, and programmer, who works with generative art, collective intelligence, and autonomous systems. For over a decade, he has worked to integrate the worlds of computer science and art, lecturing worldwide and holding online workshops and courses that are open to the public. Through these, he has connected countless artists and creators to the world of artificial intelligence.

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20:30, talk (English)
Artificial Life As Entanglement
– Feileacan McCormick, Entangled Others Studio (DE / PT)

Entanglement is a complex state, in which we cannot say that a single entity is separate from, or somehow uninfluenced by, any other object that becomes entangled with it. We cannot relate to ourselves without others, act without interaction, speak without being heard. This is a state of many “I’s” that live and are present to the same extent, together.

The rich foundation of wonderful yet frightening spaces that exists between us and the non-human world cannot remain an aesthetic space. Our world cannot bear the distance and the denial that we force upon ourselves regarding the entangled state that exists between us and the others around us. Entangled Others Studio addressed the transition to entanglement and greater intertwining with the non-human world, in which diversity and mutual connection are nurtured and intermingled.

“Hybrid Ecological Systems” is a continuous series of studies for exposing our entangled world. At first glance, the digital and physical world seem separate, as if they occupy different layers of reality that create unwilling interactions of one with another. This is intensified through the manner of design of digital interfaces. But in fact, the reality of our life is that these two layers are intertwined. They constantly interact, they form and are reformed, consume and act. The tendency to view human creations as “artificial,” or disassociated from the natural world, conceals the reality in which digital agents (software and hardware) behave and interact as an ecological system, and they do so with the natural world as well. By directing complex neural networks trained on the material appearance of our world, in its work, Entangled Others Studio attempts to propose an exercise of reimagining. An investigation of speculative neural visions of reality that attempt to manipulate and distort our everyday world into speculative presentations of states of digital and physical entanglement in our world today: to investigate how we can stretch our imaginations to see a world of harmonious artificial interaction and natural life as one sustainable ecological system.

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21:00, talk (English)
Estranging Comics
– Ilan Manouach (GR)

Ilan Manouach will present his latest book, Fastwalkers – the first comic book ever to be written with AI. This is a non-linear mediation on deep learning, which rejoices in the unexpected poetry of generative computing and investigates its potential to create new perceptions for the readers. Since the beginning of the comics industry in the late nineteenth century, it has expanded symbiotically alongside the development of print, distribution, and communication technologies. As a highly digital medium with active online communities, comics is appropriate for the programming processes that define machine learning. This is a lively hallucination in which the entire text and all images were produced through machine learning (3-GAN, GPT), and developed by an interdisciplinary team of computer scientists and designers. The result is a semantic landscape of environment layers, with harmonies and dissonances that reveal the cumulative character of knowledge exchange in the current age and expose the qualities inherent in comics, thus playing with the hidden space that lurks in the readers’ consciousness.

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22:00, live A/V performance
Liquid Pixels
– Or Edry + Carmi Dror

Behind the stages of a digital universe, searching for the spaces between the physical and the pixelated. A live audio visual performance presenting a fascinating collaboration between the musician Or Edry, with her new album ‘20 Steps’, and the digital artist Carmi Dror that focuses on lens based art and creating digital spaces.

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Site-Specific Installations
‘Water Sounds Better with You’, Jordan Colsey + Deborah Fischer © Jordan Colsey

In addition to lectures and performance, we invite you to explore site-specific installations by Orphan Drift, Entangled Studios, Niv Gafni, Love Studio, Jordan Colsey + Deborah Fischer + Ofer kantor, Erez Ezra + Avi Cohen + Boris Levin, Rachella Alcalay, Memo Akten, Matty Mariansky, Ben Drusinsky, Alon Tayar, Mark IJzerman + Sébastien Robert.

ZER0|1NE Film Program
Capture from ‘Third Nature’, Daria Kiseleva (NL)

Video art and short film program: ❶ Unrendered Road, Tali Liberman ❷ Grandmother, Yoel Peled ❸ Third Nature, Daria Kiseleva ❹ Separation, Barak David Mizrahi ❺ Buzina Decardinuta, Nir Shitrit