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BINA: I will leave it to you to see if there is any real difference between the story of light and darkness
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Liquid Pixels, Or Edry + Carmi Dror, Live A/V ⚫ live, Dec. 29, 22:00 (GMT+2)

Liquid Pixels

– Or Edry + Carmi Dror

Behind the stages of the digital universe, searching for the spaces between the physical space and the pixelated, a fascinating collaboration between the musician Or Edry, with her fascinating new album 20 steps, and the digital artist Carmi Dror that focuses on lens based art and creating digital spaces.

Or Edry + Carmi Dror

Four years after her premier album, “Kidod”, drew praise, Or Edry, dream pop artist and admired bass player, released a new, novel album – “20 steps” including many songs that are earning a place on leading radio stations’ playlists. The album features well-known artists such as Karni Postel, Shahar Even-Tzur, Ram Orion and others. Or Edry has worked for more than a decade on the Israeli music scene. Over the last few years, she also worked as a musical producer for the group Hashash Amiti; Louise Kahn, former soloist for Terry Poison; Ifat Netz and more.

Carmi Dror is a photographer, videographer and new media artist, Dror is a leader in lens-based art and digital spaces. In her work, she concurrently examines art and technology and works in the niche between figures, computer languages and the human perspective. She is a lecturer in digital art at Bezalel and has her BFA in photography from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design and the Cooper Union School of Art, New York. She received a scholarship for excellence in art from the Yehoshua Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts for the years 2018 and 2019. Her work is included in public and private collections in Israel and around the world.