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BINA: the artist׳s role is to transform or give shape to the new reality that is waiting in the wings
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AR capture, Boundary, Amy Brandon
AR capture, Boundary, Amy Brandon
AR capture, Boundary, Amy Brandon
AR capture, Boundary, Amy Brandon


– Amy Brandon

Much of Amy’s work with augmented reality is connected to themes of boundaries, examining the place where the real world ends, and the digital world begins. Part of that boundary is the physical connection between these two universes, and the exact moment where the physical body begins to merge with digital space. Augmented reality technology, in particular AR controlled by hand gestures, gives the physical body control over digital space, allowing the individual to explore and sense the boundary between the real and the digital realm, and to manipulate it.

Members of the public can interact with Boundary by ‘walking’ through the sculpture and examining it using the ‘lens’ of a smartphone, or ‘touching’ the sculptural elements triggers sonic events, which create a building and receding electroacoustic soundscape that is dependent on the movement patterns of the individual users. The sound is heard via their smartphone or tablet, preferably through headphones.

Amy Brandon

Composer and guitarist Amy Brandon’s pieces have been described as “…gut wrenching and horrific” (Critipeg), and “otherworldly, a clashing of bleakness with beauty” (Minor Seventh). Her performances, installations and acoustic works have been presented at the Gaudeamus Festival (Screen Dive), National Sawdust (NYC), Trinity College (Dublin), the mise-en Festival, and the Winnipeg New Music Festival. She is completing an interdisciplinary PhD examining augmented reality, motor control and guitar performance at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia.