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BINA: the other side of the same coin is that there is no longer any outside of the universe no god or reality or nature or whatever whose voice would be behind the universe no real big Other no Real
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Digital Shamanism, Amit Raphael Zoran, talk ⚫ live, Dec. 28, 20:30 (GMT+2)

Digital Shamanism

– Amit Raphael Zoran

In many mystical traditions, a deep interaction developed between humans and space, which is based on experience more than on conscious thinking. This type of interaction is embodied in strengthening the connection between the human being and space. The development of scientific thinking followed by the digital revolution minimized the presence of mystical traditions in our modern world. In this lecture, I will reduce the gap between spiritual and shamanistic perceptions and conscious, educated thinking. I will do so by building a bridge between traditions, to render accessible a worldview that served most of humanity for most of its existence, and by presenting the content of spiritual interactions with computers and technology. In particular, we will examine relationships in ecological systems based on oak trees. We will learn how traditional shamanism relies on hidden relationships between natural entities. Further, we will examine the feasibility of embedding similar interactions in computerized spaces.

Amit Raphael Zoran

Professor Amit Raphael Zoran is a researcher at the School of Engineering and Computer Sciences of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and a lecturer on design at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design. He was awarded the Design Award by the Ministry of Culture. He has a Ph.D. and M.Sc. from the MIT Media Laboratory, holds an MA in design from Bezalel, and a BA in Communications Systems Engineering from Ben Gurion University. He researches the relationship between human beings and technology, including the cognitive, culture, creative, technological, and mystic aspects of this interaction, and he develops hybrid interactive systems that connect humans and the environment.