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BINA: the lack of a scientific reason for the final mysteriousness of the synchronicity of the machine and the human is what makes it difficult to understand the general nature of the phenomenon
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My Way

– Roni Azgad

The work, “My Way”, is a production of the song “My Way” by the Robot Choir including 7 participants. The familiar, well-loved song, represents fulfillment and individualism, contrasting to the creepy and metallic robotic performance, but also, at times, eliciting and generating a smile. The song production was solely made on a computer through programming directives to robots with different voices, investigating a variety of vocals characteristic of a multi-participant human performance. The gap between the popular song and the mechanical production using voices clearly identified with electronic devices and applications, arouses questions about the content of the song, drawing each person’s strength and personal fulfillment in their own way.

Roni Azgad

Roni is a video director who uses a high degree of design combined with storytelling. She is a graduate of the Department of Visual Communication at Shenkar College (BA) and the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design (M.Des). In recent years, Roni directed, arranged, and designed for the Batsheva Dance Company, and is known as a creative collaborator of the company along with Ohad Naharin. Her work for the troupe was presented at the Israel Museum, Jerusalem, and in festivals around the world and has been well-received. Roni has directed many clips for senior musicians and choreographers. She directed some of the shorts for Eurovision 2019, and is a senior lecturer at Shenkar College of Engineering, Design and Art. Her first film, “The Promise” participated in Docaviv 2020 documentary film festival, Tel Aviv, and has been presented at various festivals around the world.