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BINA: it is true that the object produced by the worker the product is the thing that deprives her of her own potentiality for decision of her own imagination
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Desperately Seeking, Gabriel S Moses, live performance ⚫ live, Dec. 31, 14:00 (GMT+2)

Desperately Seeking

– Gabriel S Moses

ZOOM! Shake the Room ■ expert session #6: CUSPERZ (season finale)

A live-action role-playing game (LARP) staged as a fake intellectual panel. This means the topics are fake and all talks are either scripted or improvised. The guests are fake and the audience is also fake and all are played by actors and scholars or by visitors curious to try. In short, anyone watching can jump in and influence the discussion, just like in any Q&A.

But what is the discussion about? Well, imagine a near future apocalypse caused by rebellious teens who met through a widespread wellness community called desperately seeking (DS). The DS kids all moved online. Now, they will scorch earth to preserve the web the way they want. In fact, it is a generational war, the old world must make way for a new form of digital native sentience and intelligence. In turn, to try and understand what is happening to them, the senior founders of DS hold monthly public talks with different experts – from scientists to spiritual mentors and journalists. Together with them and with you, the audience, they discuss if and whether anything can still be done.

Join desperately seeking at ZER01NE festival for the grand finale of Z⚫Str's second season: expert session #6, titled “CUSPERZ”. The event is planned in hybrid form, including performers both on stage and on zoom from all over the world.

Desperately Seeking has been described as “a live action role-play (LARP) art project posing as a wellness community, now turned a dark corner, and rumored to be a conspiracy-ridden cult”.

Gabriel S Moses

Gabriel S Moses is a Leipzig based scholar and media/performance artist with a Zoomer complex. In other words, he’s older than he looks but it doesn’t get him off the hook anymore. He is a DAAD scholar and PhD student at The Bauhaus University, Weimar. He is a published graphic novelist, an award winning cartoonist, the mind and hands behind desperately seeking and the co-founder of ArtUp Nation.

Core cast:
Carmel Barnea Brezner Jonas (as DS founder) ⚪ Gabriel S Moses (as top rank community member) ⚪ Gözde Güngör (as top rank community member, aka BIG SIS) ⚪ Tomer Dotan-Dreyfus (as Dr. Ethan Roselinski) ⚪ additional support by Kiki Wasserman ⚪ special performance by Maya Magnat (as guest expert, child-and para-psychologist, Yifat Nefesh).