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BINA: the necessity to be able to imagine and to tell stories about the future is not just a matter of habit as some will say some social convention some story but of necessity It is a matter of life and death
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– Ran Slavin

Echoing science fiction films, Ursulimum's starting point is history.

Facing the unknown, blindfolded under his helmet, a seven-year-old boy allegorically sets out to explore the deep magnetic force fields in the city which is considered the holiest on the globe. A psychological journey, perhaps a fantasy, perhaps machine or a seraph in a breached temple. Just as he lifts the cloth that covers his eyes to see, the film ends and re-loops (when in installation mode) suggesting an expedition without a beginning or end, a recurring loop suspended in time.

Ran Slavin

Film maker, video artist, visual designer and sound composer, Ran Slavin’s work is centered on time-based media and the use of electronic and digital technologies to explore the dynamics between photography, fiction, digital intervention and narrative. His work explores cinema, multi-channel video sound installation and various musical sub genres.