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BINA: the paradox is that this element that connects us to others that gives us the capacity to swiftly access different cultures is also the same element that isolates us
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Fictioning, Science and Interspecies Communication, 0rphan Drift: Maggie Roberts, performance ⚫ live, Dec. 28, 19:30 (GMT+2)

Fictioning, Science and Interspecies Communication

– 0rphan Drift: Maggie Roberts

British multimedia artist Maggie Roberts founded the 0rphan Drift collective in 1994. The collective cooperates with Etic Lab in developing the ISCRI project – an AI model trained on octopuses. This project combines art, science, and technology, and experiments on interspecies communication between octopuses and AI, with human beings as mediators. Serpentine Gallery and UCL Creative AI laboratory are partners in this project.

0rphan Drift: Maggie Roberts

Since its founding in London in 1994, Orphan Drift has been exploring human frontiers alongside the mechanisms of vision and imagination. In this project, the collective attempts to draw our attention to the similarity between the modes of operation of artificial intelligence and the somatic tendencies of the octopus – as a decentralized, multi-horizon consciousness.