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Separation, Barak David Mizrahi (the full video is no longer available)


– Barak David Mizrahi

“Separation” is a video collage that relates a story of parting in the first person – parting from my profession, from my home and from the relationship I used to have – offering the viewer a perspective on the dilemmas of the lonesome soul. The collage is composed of a collection of materials I have created around the question of the “ego”, as part of an inquiry into various identities that exist within me, and contains authentic documentary materials next to materials that examine existentialist concepts and ideas.

The video is led by a personal text, which generates the visual move and presents my inner, complex relationship with myself, between order and chaos, between on-grid and off-grid, between wealth and overflow and infinite void, between orderly speech and movement and disrupted, contradictory and cacophonous voices.

This project is the last in a series of moves I have completed. Moves that inquire about the ego, about identity transformation, about the coexistence of multiple different identities in a single body, on relations and authenticity. As part of these moves, I have observed myself and examined my identities using polar and dual concepts: identity and strangeness, deconstruction and reconstruction, real and imaginary, and the self and the other.

Barak David Mizrahi

Barak David Mizrahi is a multidisciplinary creator and designer, thinker and writer, a graduate of the Department of Visual Communication at Shenkar. In the last decade, he has owned a studio that specializes in image formation and identity creation for companies and businesses. As part of his masters degree studies in the Department of Visual Communication at Bezalel, he researched and documented the self as a changing material while self-observing and asking questions about identity, relationships and authenticity.