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BINA: all humans have been and will continue to be victims of a massive psychological emotional physical and spiritual manipulation by a global and multi dimensional enemy that has been and is still in control of the physical mental and spiritual structures of the human mind and body
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Detail from installation view, Bounded Bundles, Rachella Alcalay, Hansen House exhibition

Bounded Bundles

– Rachella Alcalay

An installation seeking to express the possibility, impossibility and attempt to suppress the internal and external information flooding the human mind and emotional structure since always, and specifically in our current time with the tools that are available to us.

The distinction of the state of multiplicity, and a system of associative connection networks that the unmeasurable quantity enables and produces, are acting as a mirror to an internal associative map. The work refers to the fear of this reflection.

Rachella Alcalay

Rachella Alcalay is a multidisciplinary artist interested in transitions and transformations, lives and works in Jerusalem and in the Balkans, mother and wife.