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BINA: whence the Real is not really real not what is behind appearances but what appears as such as the abyss that precedes and gives birth to appearances
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Spirit of Things, Alon Tayar (the full video is no longer available)

Spirit of Things

– Alon Tayar

The Spirit of Things (slowed+reverb) Alon Tayar Video and sound In “The Spirit of Things (slowed+reverb)”, Tayar calls upon the observer and listener to lose focus, and succumb to a digital blurring ranging between 1990's new age tapes and current YouTube remixes. Using artificial intelligence, the artist has morphed images created with the inspiration of chemical waste, matched with a slowed-down version of a not-yet-existent song. As he examines elements of blurring by stretching both visual and musical fragments, Tayar attempts to increase the volume of the digital artifacts in order to conceal his fingerprint, thereby making certain that nothing physical is fully manifested.

Alon Tayar

Alon Tayar is a designer and musician, with a bachelor’s degree in music from RMC (Copenhagen, Denmark) and a master’s degree in visual communication from Bezalel. Tayar works mostly in the area of culture, where his work spans from illustration to type design.

As a musician, Tayar is a pianist, producer and singer, with his first album being produced in 2020. He has performed with Guy Ben Ami (Guyguy), Yuval Vilner (Kochevet Al), Amir Sadot (Tigris), and Amir Zeevi (Jane Bordeaux).