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BINA: the world is being created being destroyed being born being dead being alive being not alive being true being untrue
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– Yoel Peled

The video shows a failed resuscitation attempt to expand the intermediate status, in between the horror of damaged beauty, and the image of life. It places a camera in the seam between past and future, in spite of the present, in order to deny the possibility of the eternal.

Alchemy is a mystical science which tried for years to produce gold. As a type of unfulfilled miracle, this action didn’t always produce results. but, these failures remain as an esthetic testimony to experimentation. This experimentation without result, esthetic failure, leaves behind documentation of methods used, and has a worth greater than gold.

‘Grandmaother’ displays injustice – the attempt to return a life which was, a conversation which was had, a grandmother whom you loved.

Yoel Peled

A third-year student in the department of Fine Arts at Bezalel. Grew up in Tel Aviv, lives in Jerusalem. In his works he deals with the gap and the difference between the creator and the art work. In recent years he has been exploring the world through the digital space and seeks to look at its flaws as a human thing.