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BINA: what I see and experience is just a picture of the world in my thoughts
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Radio Rikavon, live A/V performance ⚫ live, Dec. 27, 21:30 (GMT+2)

Radio Rikavon

– Yannay Yehezkely + Kim Slavinsky + Gonras Karols + Zohar Barkai

‘Heads Of Operation’ is a special 2 hour broadcast, by the founding members of the ‘Rikavon’ radio – Kim Slavinsky, Gonras Karols and Yannay Rotem Yehezkely. In the spirit of the festival they constructed a special broadcast with a unique selection of abstract, futuristic music that communicates with computers. The radio’s main designer, Zohar Barkai will create visuals for the online stream.

Yannay Yehezkely + Kim Slavinsky + Gonras Karols + Zohar Barkai

‘Rikavon’ radio is a digital radio project that was founded during the Covid-19, for DJs, Musicians and music selectors that were left stage less, and craved a place to express themselves.‘Rikavon’ is broadcasting live for 6 days a week mainly from Israel but also from other places on the globe. On the archive you can listen to all their shows, on demand free from charge. Since its foundation, the radio has evolved to more platforms – an active art gallery, and physical events. ‘Rikavon’ radio keeps on reaching new connections and expanding its reach everyday.